Taza chocolate

Although the Boston area has certainly several things to offer in terms of chocolates or candy, I will focus only on a small scale chocolate maker that I already heard of quite a while ago: Taza Chocolate.

Taza Chocolate in BostonNot the only interesting-looking old-school machine in Taza’s chocolate factory…

Candy makers, chocolate makers, … Trip to New York & Boston

One thing I’d like to share on this blog are visits of chocolatiers, chocolate or candy makers, or even sweet shops… What for? Mostly -you’re right!- to make you jealous of some delights I had. Could also happen that it might occationally reveal interesting places or new good (sources for) sweets that you were not aware of. We’ll see what this brings to my and your knowledge (and to my tongue of course). Currently I am based in Amsterdam, so it would be most obvious to start there1.
Yet instead of starting at home, I’d rather begin with recent impressions from a short trip to New York and Boston!

Trip to New York and Boston looking for candy and chocolates
Soon more about chocolates in New York and Boston (Mast brothers in Brooklyn // food stands at market again in Brooklyn // Taza chocolate manufacturer close to Boston).

  1. Amsterdam is not exactly a chocolate celebrity like Bruxelles or Paris, which is weird in a way. After all, Amsterdam has the biggest chocolate harbor in the world… But anyway. More on this another time. For sure. []

Science and cooking – HarvardX online course

Have you ever wanted to look over the shoulder of some of the most famous avant-garde chefs in the (western) world1? Or did you once have this secret wish to study in a place like Harvard to learn from some experts in food science, physics, or chemistry (without having to apply there, to move there, and to pay for it)? If so, then here’s something that must sound very interesting to you: A HarvardX online course on “Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science starting October 8

  1. One should probably always be careful here. The hype of Michelin stars as the ultimate judgment of kitchen awesomeness appears to be highly eurocentric. See also ‘Michelin guide in asia’ []

One million and one, another blog is born.

Another blog. Don’t ask why. Its a well-kept secret I will only reveal at a later time. Just to create some mystery and tension… can you already feel it?1 Apart from my super-secret-plan-to-be-revealed-much-later, my innermost self seems to be entirely convinced that the world has despreately waited for my numerous posts to come.

So let the posts begin…

  1. You know, that’s a rethorical question. I don’t want an honest answer. []