Do I need chromatography? Or is my palate enough?

Today I just wanted to mention some great chocolate I like. But then I thought, wait! Isn’t that super trivial, or maybe worse: boring?
And what about all this chocolate testing anyway?

Mast Brothers (oh my bearded Brooklyn!)

Mast Brothers is the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in New York and luckily it’s not in one of those posh neighborhoods in Manhattan, but in the self-proclaimed “hipster capital” of Brooklyn. And like its neighborhood, the Mast Brothers chocolate factory is quite an interesting, friendly place (OK, some hipster-haters1 might not like it so much, but who cares). Their chocolate bar designs, or better their style in general is very pretty. All their chocolate bars are wrapped in beautifully designed paper mostly with very characteristic minimalistic, geometrical layouts.

Mast Brothers and impressions from BrooklynPretty chocolates at the Mast Brothers factory in Brooklyn…

  1. Comments on their chocolate seem most of the time far from objective and are divided into everything-hipster-like-must-be-greats and frustrated hipster-haters []

Some chocolates in New York…

Hah! New York! Millions and trillions of expectations, clichés, high hopes. To disappoint you right away: I was there only a couple of days. So this is nothing more than a glimpse of a few things I found during my random walk through Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you want a more thorough overview on New York chocolates and chocolate shops, others have already done a great job1.
Anyway, I still want to add my half-baked opinions and impressions. I keep most of it short, though. Promised.

  1. See for instance Professor Chocolate []