Puccini Bomboni (some massiveness)

When asking Amsterdam locals about the best chocolatier in town, most of the time you get the answer: “Puccini Bomboni”. Another clear sign of its local popularity is the fact that they recently opened their third store in the old part of Amsterdam (their main store and manufacturing site is in Staalstraat 17).

Puccini Bomboni - Staalstraat 17 Amsterdam - Nov 2013Puccini Bomboni manufacturing place and shop in Amsterdam (Staalstraat 17)

Once a scientist, always a scientist

No way to deny it. I am a science geek, and I will remain a science geek, no matter if in the lab or in the kitchen (the kitchen is a lab, too, I would say). When I spend time on learning new things about cooking, eating, sweets, or health, I still carry around that scientist in me.

Again trouble with sugar

Unclear causal relations between sugar, obesity, and dental decay
Unclear causal relations between sugar, obesity, and dental decay…

In short.

A recent article published in PLoS One (a fairly good open access journal) has a closer look at the potential relation between “Obesity and Dental Decay” with a focus on the role of common sugar. Looking at more than 8000 around 11 year old kids, the authors surprisingly found that higher obesity correlates with better dental conditions. Based on their results the authors question that high sugar consumption is the main cause for obesity (see 1s figure). The study seems to suggest that other factors might be essential to cause obesity (see 2nd figure).

Hands Off – Tony’s Chocolonely

The dutch supermarket shelf for chocolates has gotten some interesting additions over the last years, and they slowly seem to outrun the typical multi-national chocolate brands by Kraft and Co.

Hands Off My Chocolate and Tony's ChocolonelyHands Off My Chocolate and Tony’s Chocolonely dark chocolate bars, dressed (up) and naked.

Superfood fights Suprafood

Last Sunday I went again to the Sunday Market in Amsterdam. That’s a real nice place for decent food and all kind of handcrafted bric-a-brac. It was cold, it was raining, this kind of ugly dark November weather that gives you the feeling that you’re about to get sick… but NO! No panic! Fear not! You’re saved. Saved by something that comes in form of an fantasy priced 30ml, bright green or orange liquid: SUPERFOOD!
Junkfood versus Superfood, French fries fight against blueberry raw-man