Hidden chocolates: Van Velze’s

I wrote about some of Amsterdam’s most known chocolatier such as Puccini or Unlimited delicious1. There is a far less known –but not less interesting- place in Oost: Van Velze’s.

Van Velze chocolatier in Amsterdam Oost
Chocolatier and Patissier “Van Velze’s” in Amsterdam Oost

  1. Puccini is really hard to miss. It meanwhile has three stores in town, and every long-term Amsterdam habitant I talked to has either heard of or tried their chocolates. []

Moelleux au chocolat

Some call it molten chocolate cake, some moelleux au chocolat, or fondant au chocolat, or coulant au chocolat… Some claim that they invented it, others deny it1.

Moelleux au chocolat fresh from the oven
Moelleux au chocolat fresh out of the oven… eat…

  1. Apparently, Jean-Georges Vonrichten claimed to having invented it in 1987, but many (mainly French) sources indicated that it already existed in France for years by this point, such as this this or this. []

Exploring your dark side

Sometimes I like making things dramatic, saving the best until last. In food as well. I save the asparagus heads until the end and finish my favorite side dish last, if you know what I mean.

Chocolabs - chocolate tasting at Chocolatl in Amsterdam
‘Exploring your dark side’ chocolate tasting at Chocolatl in Amsterdam