Food Film Festival

May 9-11, Amsterdam will host the fourth edition of the Food Film Festival! Ticket sales is open since yesterday, and its program is definitely worth a closer look.

Food Film Festival 2014 in Amsterdam
Program of the Food Film Festival 2014 in Amsterdam

Sweet spot: Metropolitan

When I started writing about chocolate places in Amsterdam I already had my two favorite spots. Until now, two things kept me from featuring them in full detail. I didn’t want to start with the greatest Amsterdam highlights. And I wanted to make sure that I spend enough time with all the other places Amsterdam has to offer (some of which I also liked a lot!). Still there’s always personal favorites. And if it comes to pralines/bonbons/chocolates1, my favorite is: Metropolitan.

 Sweet spot in Amsterdam: Metropolitan
Sweet spot in Amsterdam: Metropolitan

  1. I often like English as a language, but here I hate it. Why is “chocolates” both used for the bonbon (Dutch) / Praline (German) / praline belge (French) and the plural of chocolate bars? Too confusing for me. []

German artisan-Mafia: Handwerkskammer

During a week in East Germany I had my fears of German regulations for artisan production confirmed. Unfortunately :cry: 1.

Handwerkskammer advertisement

  1. I had read a lot and kind of knew what to expect, but I somehow still had hope. So I did some inquiries at a local Handwerkskammer only to find out that my understanding was right. No artisan candy production without “Meister” or equivalent. So here’s my plan for REVENGE: I will start my enormous candy empire abroad. Amsterdam, here I am! []