Defending chocolate: Askinosie

This might sound like a random pick. I didn’t do many chocolate reviews so far, so why elaborate on chocolates made by Askinosie? Partly, it’s random indeed1, but Askinosie is also a great chocolate maker that is still far less known than many of the ‘classic’ bean-to-bar chocolate makers2.

One of Askinosie's chocolate bars that's definitely worth a try: the dark goat milk! One of Askinosie’s chocolate bars that’s definitely worth a try: the dark goat milk!

  1. I happen to sit in front of four opened Askinosie chocolates enjoying my evening… []
  2. Such as Domori, Pacari, Prallus, … []

Amsterdam chocolate metrics

Finally I created one single page to give a brief overview of the Amsterdam chocolate scene. Not without some super-objective quantification of course. After all, I’m still a scientist… but have a look yourself.

Amsterdam chocolatier have finally been quantified Amsterdam chocolatiers have finally been quantified according to internationally accepted sweet matter units.

Tasting is better than shopping: Chocolátl

To make a short story long: there are two types of people, the one that live in (or close to) Amsterdam and the ones who don’t. I have good news if you belong to the first category, but be prepared to be devastated if you are a non-Amsterdammer. If you at least visit the city regularly, or have some friends here, you might be fine (dear others, better get something to dry your tears).

Best chocolate shop in (and beyond) Amsterdam: Chocolátl. Best chocolate shop in (and beyond) Amsterdam: Chocolátl.