First christmas deliveries…

OK. Let’s be honest: I pretty much underestimated the amount of work necessary to produce, pack, and send all the christmas deliveries for the crowdfunding campaign. But I don’t want to write about eye circles….

Yes: the KÄNDI christmas delivery is on its way!Yes: the KÄNDI christmas delivery is on its way!

Kaendi now in the shops!

The KÄNDI crowdfunding campaign ended successfully!! Now another important event: finally my handmade premium candy bars can be purchased in the chocolate shop in Amsterdam, Chocolátl!

Finally: KÄNDI candy bars available in the best chocolate shop in town: chocolátlKÄNDI’s candy bars are now available in the best chocolate shop in Amsterdam: Chocolátl


Last week we reached our first crowdfunding goal and I am curious how far we can go till the campaign ends this weekend (so now a last good chance to order some delicious Christmas treats from KÄNDI). With our first goal reached, it is now at least entirely sure that I will be very busy producing candy bars before Christmas!

Finally: the 'real' production begins... here some mangoKOKOS candy bars.Finally: the ‘real’ production begins… here some mangoKOKOS candy bars.