Sweet Matter Physics? What’s that now?

For about a decade I have worked in academic research in the field which we call soft matter physics, as well as in biological physics looking for how living cells manage to organize themselves1.
About 3 years ago I had a couple of organic, expensive, but very poorly-designed and worse: poorly-tasting candy bars that made me mad. I was willing to pay the premium price, but the better consciousness that those bars promised did not at all compensate for the dissapointing eating sensation.
Partly triggerd by such events I started to get more and more intensely interested in many food-related issues. And more and more of my time got spend on reading science articles and blogs on food stuff, on developing recipes at home, on understanding the processes during cooking.
Well, much of that is here on this blog. I went to many courses and workshops to learn how to make candy and bonbons myself, I took courses and went to food-related meetings. During all this time the idea of making better organic/sustainable candy bars grew from a joke to a serious plan. Recently I started up my own small-scale candy developing and production space in Amsterdam: Kändi.

From scientist to candy maker?

Agreed. It sounds like quite a big step to go from academia to founding a small-scale candy production. But I DO NOT stop to be scientist, at least not in the way I think and in the way I approach problems and challenges. I still have a lot to learn if it comes to the everyday experience of a grown craftman, and I am still struggling very much with marketing-language or business-talk. But my scientific background does allow me to look at the things from a different angle. I am not so much thinking in terms of recipes, but more in terms of concepts and reactions. After all, a soft caramel filling is nothing else than very tasty soft matter!
So, maybe it is not such a big step from soft matter to sweet matter2.


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  1. I mostly did research in the field of soft matter physics and biophysics, and I was particularly interested in how living cells are able to organize themselves despite the enormeous randomness at those molecular scales. For further information get in touch or look at research gate or at my current/former working places AMOLF and the department of Bionanoscience at TU Delft []
  2. At least not in terms of semantics… []