And there was Kändi

I was busy for a while. But now there’s news. I began setting up my own candy lab and production space: Kändi!

Ginger bug with some of the foam produced by the wild yeasts.Starting a new journey called ‘Kändi‘.

I was kind of working on this for nearly three years. It started with a expensive organic candy bar I bought, which turned out to not only be ugly in design but very poor in taste. This needs to be done better I thought. Peace of mind when buying sustainable food is alright. But if candy doesn’t cause pleasure, it’s simply not candy. I learned about making confectionery at home, learned how to cook toffees, caramels, brittles, fudge. I went to Callebaut courses in the Netherland and in Belgium and learned how to temper chocolate, how to make bonbons, how to prepare a Ganache. I read books, forum and blog posts, followed online courses. I calculated recipes, spend uncountable nights in the kitchen trying out recipes, making notes, learning techniques. I talked to people, had them test samples, had them encourage my seemingly weird plan: To stop (at least for now) what could be called my ‘scientific career’ and become a food thinker, developer, maker. Or to be more precise a candy thinker, developer, and maker!
And suddenly things go fast.
I found (and rented) a nice industrial space in Amsterdam Noord where I can now set up my candy lab and production. I officially founded ‘Kändi’ and now I find myself in the middle of a real-life crash course in becoming an entrepreneur and getting used to accounting, Dutch law, kitchen equipement research and financial planing…
Wish me luck.
I hope I can present you my first line of candies in September!

Kändi Amsterdam candy production candy lab Kaendi. Amsterdam NoordA sweet world behind these doors… soon…

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  1. wattwurmnashi | commented on 31. July 2015 , 17:36

    What an amazing development! Congratulations on taking the ‘next step’! You gotta ship me some when you are ready.

    • sweetmatterphysicist | commented on 4. August 2015 , 12:05

      Thanks! And it will be a pleasure to ship you some first candy bars or caramels! Hope they’ll be ready by mid-September… I’ll keep you posted.

  2. wattwurmnashi | commented on 4. September 2015 , 10:36

    I’ll be sure to stay tuned! Not on comments though I guess… Can’t you activate this option to be notified when you reply to my comments? Or did you build your whole website from scratch?

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