ArtiChoc – hints of flavor

When I started blogging about Amsterdam’s chocolate world I really had in mind to cover it as completely as possible. Somehow I never finished the list I initially had in mind. Time to catch up I guess.
One place I haven’t mentioned so far in more detail is ‘ArtiChoc‘ located south of Vondelpark in one of the traditionally richer areas of Amsterdam.

Arti Choc - Amsterdam chocolatier Bonbon selection at ‘Arti Choc’, an Amsterdam chocolatier south of Vondelpark.

Well, maybe I subconsciously avoided ArtiChoc (or Arti Choc) because I already knew that it is not the kind of chocolatier I personally rave about. This clearly makes things even less objective than usual. Don’t get me wrong, ArtiChoc is a proper, artisan chocolatier and doesn’t sell crap products. It simply has a fairly rustic old-school style and all those miniature figures made of chocolates are just not my cup of tea. They also display a very large number of self-made pralines which look good (although to much on the very traditional side for my liking). ArtiChoc mainly offers fairly classical flavor combinations, which is really not a bad thing at all (not everything has to be fresh, new, fancy and experimental!). However, what I didn’t like is that all flavors I tested were all very mild, far to shy I’d say. This way nobody can complain about too strong flavors, but the result is also quite boring. Everything tastes like (decently made) ganaches with a little hint of some flavor. Or let me put it this way: If you would put an open box of their pralines at work or at a friends house people would eat them happily.
But no one will ask you ‘Wow, where did you get those from!?’.

Arti Choc - Amsterdam chocolatier

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