Origin Chocolate Event – Amsterdam 2016

For now I will just ignore to further write about me recent abscense from my blogger-life…
Instead I’d rather briefly share some impressions from the Amsterdam Origin Chocolate Event that took place yesterday!

Amsterdam Origin Chocolate EventTasting some fabulous chocolates from Shattell in Peru at the Amsterdam Origin Chocolate Event 2016.

Kaendi now in the shops!

The KÄNDI crowdfunding campaign ended successfully!! Now another important event: finally my handmade premium candy bars can be purchased in the chocolate shop in Amsterdam, Chocolátl!

Finally: KÄNDI candy bars available in the best chocolate shop in town: chocolátlKÄNDI’s candy bars are now available in the best chocolate shop in Amsterdam: Chocolátl


Last week we reached our first crowdfunding goal and I am curious how far we can go till the campaign ends this weekend (so now a last good chance to order some delicious Christmas treats from KÄNDI). With our first goal reached, it is now at least entirely sure that I will be very busy producing candy bars before Christmas!

Finally: the 'real' production begins... here some mangoKOKOS candy bars.Finally: the ‘real’ production begins… here some mangoKOKOS candy bars.

DIY candy lab

On paper ‘Kändi’ is already existing. Now I am busy to build a real candy production and candy-exploration space. Imposed by my budget and my craving for maximum diversity in everyday tasks, it’s going to be a lot do-it-yourself. DIY Kändi Lab.
Yes it’s slow.
But fun!

Currently busy painting, sawing, cutting, hammering...all to finally get my own 'Kändi lab'.Currently busy painting, sawing, cutting, hammering…all to finally get my own ‘Kändi lab’.

And there was Kändi

I was busy for a while. But now there’s news. I began setting up my own candy lab and production space: Kändi!

Ginger bug with some of the foam produced by the wild yeasts.Starting a new journey called ‘Kändi‘.

Unloading Rum & Cocoa

Last Friday was the celebrated unloading of the ‘Tres Hombres’, a retro-style cargo sailing ship. Quite some people came to help unload rum, cocoa, and chocolate bars that were brought from the Caribbean, all using ‘CO2 neutral’ means of transport. And in Amsterdam this mostly means: Bakfiets!1

Unloading rum and cocoa from the sailing ship 'Tres Hombres' in Amsterdam NoordUnloading rum and cocoa from the sailing ship ‘Tres Hombres’ in Amsterdam Noord

  1. For the non Dutch-knowers, ‘bakfiets’ are the omnipresent cargo bikes, usually used to carry kids+all kind of luggage. But can be used for pretty much anything. Including heavy cocoa bags of 70kg each. []

Enjoy chocolate season: Van Soest

Feels like I am soooo slow when it comes to blogging. No way that I can keep up with my fast growing (imaginary) list of things I wanted to write about. Thus: random picking!
I still haven’t finished my list of Amsterdam chocolate places, so let me introduce another one that was missing: chocolatier Van Soest!

Van Soest - Amsterdam chocolatier in the Utrechtsestraat.Van Soest – Amsterdam chocolatier in the Utrechtsestraat.

ArtiChoc – hints of flavor

When I started blogging about Amsterdam’s chocolate world I really had in mind to cover it as completely as possible. Somehow I never finished the list I initially had in mind. Time to catch up I guess.
One place I haven’t mentioned so far in more detail is ‘ArtiChoc‘ located south of Vondelpark in one of the traditionally richer areas of Amsterdam.

Arti Choc - Amsterdam chocolatier Bonbon selection at ‘Arti Choc’, an Amsterdam chocolatier south of Vondelpark.

Amsterdam’s Chocolatemakers

One of the best signs that Amsterdam is becoming a more and more interesting chocolate place is that it even has its own small-scale high-quality bean-to-bar chocolate maker: the Chocolatemakers.

Chocolate bars from the Chocolatemakers in Amsterdam Chocolate bars from Chocolatemakers in Amsterdam

Amsterdam chocolate metrics

Finally I created one single page to give a brief overview of the Amsterdam chocolate scene. Not without some super-objective quantification of course. After all, I’m still a scientist… but have a look yourself.

Amsterdam chocolatier have finally been quantified Amsterdam chocolatiers have finally been quantified according to internationally accepted sweet matter units.