Tasting is better than shopping: Chocolátl

To make a short story long: there are two types of people, the one that live in (or close to) Amsterdam and the ones who don’t. I have good news if you belong to the first category, but be prepared to be devastated if you are a non-Amsterdammer. If you at least visit the city regularly, or have some friends here, you might be fine (dear others, better get something to dry your tears).

Best chocolate shop in (and beyond) Amsterdam: Chocolátl. Best chocolate shop in (and beyond) Amsterdam: Chocolátl.

Sweet spot: Metropolitan

When I started writing about chocolate places in Amsterdam I already had my two favorite spots. Until now, two things kept me from featuring them in full detail. I didn’t want to start with the greatest Amsterdam highlights. And I wanted to make sure that I spend enough time with all the other places Amsterdam has to offer (some of which I also liked a lot!). Still there’s always personal favorites. And if it comes to pralines/bonbons/chocolates1, my favorite is: Metropolitan.

 Sweet spot in Amsterdam: Metropolitan
Sweet spot in Amsterdam: Metropolitan

  1. I often like English as a language, but here I hate it. Why is “chocolates” both used for the bonbon (Dutch) / Praline (German) / praline belge (French) and the plural of chocolate bars? Too confusing for me. []

Not fancy. Not bad! Holtkamp.

The patisserie Holtkamp is another well-established Amsterdam location. In particular their pastries and –very Dutch- their “croquetten” can be found in many cafés and restaurants in Amsterdam, but also their handmade chocolates enjoy great popularity.

Patisserie Holtkamp in AmsterdamPatisserie Holtkamp in Amsterdam

Pretty pastry- Patisserie Kuyt

When entering this place it’s hard to focus on chocolates, bonbons, candy only, because there is this huge amount of glamorous cakes and tarts in all colors and sizes. But even if you do focus on the chocolates only, it’s clearly worth a visit.

Pretty tarts and chocolates at Patisserie Kuyt in Amsterdam
Pretty pastry (and chocolates) at Patisserie Kuyt in Amsterdam

Hidden chocolates: Van Velze’s

I wrote about some of Amsterdam’s most known chocolatier such as Puccini or Unlimited delicious1. There is a far less known –but not less interesting- place in Oost: Van Velze’s.

Van Velze chocolatier in Amsterdam Oost
Chocolatier and Patissier “Van Velze’s” in Amsterdam Oost

  1. Puccini is really hard to miss. It meanwhile has three stores in town, and every long-term Amsterdam habitant I talked to has either heard of or tried their chocolates. []

Exploring your dark side

Sometimes I like making things dramatic, saving the best until last. In food as well. I save the asparagus heads until the end and finish my favorite side dish last, if you know what I mean.

Chocolabs - chocolate tasting at Chocolatl in Amsterdam
‘Exploring your dark side’ chocolate tasting at Chocolatl in Amsterdam

Madame Pompadour – the old lady

After the highly popular ‘Puccini Bomboni’, and the well-known ‘Unlimited Delicious’, today a brief travel back in time: Madame Pompadour.

Madame Pompadour - Amsterdam chocolatier and patisserie
Grandma style chocolates and cakes at Madame Pompadour

Unlimited Delicious (or are there limits?)

After a big bite at Puccini, here’s another long term classic among Amsterdam chocolatiers: Unlimited delicious. In addition to making bonbons, they are quite well-known for their patisserie, which is not what I will write about right now (only so much: it always looks very pretty and tempting!).

Unlimited Delicious - Amsterdam Chocolatier
Pretty cakes and bonbons at Unlimited Delicious in Amsterdam

Puccini Bomboni (some massiveness)

When asking Amsterdam locals about the best chocolatier in town, most of the time you get the answer: “Puccini Bomboni”. Another clear sign of its local popularity is the fact that they recently opened their third store in the old part of Amsterdam (their main store and manufacturing site is in Staalstraat 17).

Puccini Bomboni - Staalstraat 17 Amsterdam - Nov 2013Puccini Bomboni manufacturing place and shop in Amsterdam (Staalstraat 17)