Chocolate Naive – intense milk

The chocolates form “Chocolate Naïve” are quite particular in many respects. There is their beautiful and uncommon packaging as well as chocolate bar design itself1. It further comes from a place in Lithuania I have never heard of: Giedraičiai. That’s by the way a small town about 40km from Vilnius, but maybe you guys all knew that already? Whatever, the place at least has one gigantic chocolate maker.

Intense milk chocolate from
Intense milk chocolate from “Chocolate Naive” comes in a pretty design

  1. Hence another addition to my collection of beautiful chocolate packaging. []

Mushroom chocolates!

This year started for me with some rather unconventional flavored chocolates, one of them: “Mushroom chocolates”1. The mushroom pralines are made by the fantastic hungarian chocolatier and bean-to-bar chocolate makers “Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé” and come in a very pretty box containing 9 pralines of 3 different mushroom flavors (Chantrell, Morel and Porcini).
Although I like combinations of savory/salty flavors with chocolate (such as more common classics with pepper, chili, or smoked salt…), I have to say that I was first a little afraid of eating mushroom flavored chocolates. Somehow that didn’t sound like a good match to me. Mushrooms and chocolate?

  1. I would say that is even the most unconventional flavor paring in chocolates that I had so far. []

Hands Off – Tony’s Chocolonely

The dutch supermarket shelf for chocolates has gotten some interesting additions over the last years, and they slowly seem to outrun the typical multi-national chocolate brands by Kraft and Co.

Hands Off My Chocolate and Tony's ChocolonelyHands Off My Chocolate and Tony’s Chocolonely dark chocolate bars, dressed (up) and naked.

Do I need chromatography? Or is my palate enough?

Today I just wanted to mention some great chocolate I like. But then I thought, wait! Isn’t that super trivial, or maybe worse: boring?
And what about all this chocolate testing anyway?