Naturally Fermented Sodas!

Living in Amsterdam sometimes means that summer can be a rare visitor. But it’s the perfect place to learn how to get into a summer time feeling despite rainy spring weather. One way to do so is by having an ice cold glass of homemade soda!
It’s actually pretty easy and fun. And it is yet another manifestation for one of biggest things I’ve learned about food so far, which is: Fermentation is magic!

Ginger bug with some of the foam produced by the wild yeasts.Ginger bug with some of the foam produced by the wild yeasts.

Cooking know how – Online courses

Want to create some amazing food? Do something you have never done before? It might be my inner scientist acting, but whenever I embarque on such a mission I usually jump to the ‘theory’ first. That is: learn more about it! And luckily, there’s plenty of great ways to get the knowledge you need! But it can be quite hard to find it in the middle of all the low-quality, false, or nonsense ‘knowledge’ out there…

Online there's plenty of cooking know how - such as ChefStepsOnline there’s plenty of cooking know how – such as on ChefSteps (here a snapshot from their website) which is a great resource for unconventional recipes and techniques.

Perfect non-sustainable chocolate mousse

Howdy. I first wanted to entitle this post “the perfect chocolate mousse”, but that seemed to claim a little too much, right? Modest as I am, I consider it possible that some people might make even better (or at least equally good) chocolate mousse. But “quite good chocolate mousse” is simply not such a catchy title…

Perfect non-sustainable chocoalte mousse experimental test series
Systematic test of slightly different chocolate mousse recipes. From left to right: 0.5% iota-carrageenan (filled in canister at 80-90°C) | 1% iota-carrageenan (filled at 80-90°C) | 1.5% iota-carrageenan (filled at 80-90°C) | 1% iota-carrageenan (filled at 65°C). Each beaker contains 70g of chocolate mousse.

Moelleux au chocolat

Some call it molten chocolate cake, some moelleux au chocolat, or fondant au chocolat, or coulant au chocolat… Some claim that they invented it, others deny it1.

Moelleux au chocolat fresh from the oven
Moelleux au chocolat fresh out of the oven… eat…

  1. Apparently, Jean-Georges Vonrichten claimed to having invented it in 1987, but many (mainly French) sources indicated that it already existed in France for years by this point, such as this this or this. []