No more sugar voodoo please!

As a candymaker I naturally have to deal a lot with sugar. And I bet there’s hardly another food ingredient that is more at the center of public attention and debates. And I am also pretty sure that there are not many other substances in food that create such incredible controversies, especially -and sadly- even far far beyond any scientificly sound knowledge.
boldly advertised its 'syrup' contentToday I came accross yet another product that boldly advertised its ‘syrup’ content. Even if that just means regular, boring, cheap, standard glucose syrup (here named ‘tapioca syrup’)

Follow the seasons

Since I founded KÄNDI last summer it really seems like I accidentally pushed the ‘time acceleration’ button. Weeks, months, even entire seasons seem to fly by and I have trouble catching up! Now: Lesson #71 that I learned as a fresh candy-entrepreneur: Follow the seasons. Ahead of time.

Developing a new seasonal candy bar: Bunny bar for EasterDeveloping a new seasonal candy bar… in the top-secret KändiLab.

First christmas deliveries…

OK. Let’s be honest: I pretty much underestimated the amount of work necessary to produce, pack, and send all the christmas deliveries for the crowdfunding campaign. But I don’t want to write about eye circles….

Yes: the KÄNDI christmas delivery is on its way!Yes: the KÄNDI christmas delivery is on its way!


Last week we reached our first crowdfunding goal and I am curious how far we can go till the campaign ends this weekend (so now a last good chance to order some delicious Christmas treats from KÄNDI). With our first goal reached, it is now at least entirely sure that I will be very busy producing candy bars before Christmas!

Finally: the 'real' production begins... here some mangoKOKOS candy bars.Finally: the ‘real’ production begins… here some mangoKOKOS candy bars.

Final look at recipes

Two weeks full of rush, chaos, excitement have passed since the start of the KÄNDI crowdfunding campaign. Now things look good: Today the campaign reached 90% of our first goal! And the recipes for our first three candy bars are nearly ready to go.

Final close look at our KÄNDI Kranschberry bar.Final close look at our KÄNDI Kranschberry bar.

KÄNDI crowdfunding!

The KÄNDI crowdfunding campaign has begun! The next 3.5 weeks we will try to get enough funds to go from our first test phase to a more serious candy bar and caramel production (but still small-scale). You can support us and will be rewarded with first handmade premium candy bars and caramels –> KÄNDI crowdfunding page

Join 'Bill Gates'Join “Bill Gates” in supporting our crowdfunding campaign for KÄNDI!

first KÄNDI making

Life is a little busy right now. At least it’s busy enough to keep me from writing new posts. So, now a short wrap-up of the recent progress with my KÄNDI-project.

FirstFirst prototypes of my candy bar piNATZ that were made in the KÄNDI-lab. Peanuts, cashew-caramel, dark premium chocolate, and sea salt.

Kändi Kitchen!

My plan was faster than I.
Or I was simply slower than I planed.1
Anyway. Soon all this will be forgotten, because NOW, the Kändi-Lab-Kitchen is ‘operational’. Yes!

What a big sign on the mail box. Why does the postman have a hard time finding my place?What a big sign on the mail box. Why does the postman have a hard time finding my place?

  1. Why do things you want to make/built/invent -on average- always take longer than you’d think? Hmm… Limited brain capacity? Or chronic optimism? []

first lessons – slow cooking

Here is one of the first lessons in my learning-by-doing intensive course of entrepreneurship:
Reality is somehow more complex than what my brain had envisioned it to be.
This includes that reality is more complex than an Excel sheet, which is not a big surprise, I know. But it also means that I need about twice as long for transforming the room I rented into a usable -and preferentially: nice!- kitchen space.

Still busy rebuilding the room into a candy kitchen/lab space... 'Kändi lab'.Still busy rebuilding the room into a candy kitchen/lab space

DIY candy lab

On paper ‘Kändi’ is already existing. Now I am busy to build a real candy production and candy-exploration space. Imposed by my budget and my craving for maximum diversity in everyday tasks, it’s going to be a lot do-it-yourself. DIY Kändi Lab.
Yes it’s slow.
But fun!

Currently busy painting, sawing, cutting, hammering...all to finally get my own 'Kändi lab'.Currently busy painting, sawing, cutting, hammering…all to finally get my own ‘Kändi lab’.