Changes ahead!

After more than six weeks my first post for this year! What a burden…
Feels like I am far too late for a classical ‘what comes 2015?’ post. Well, who cares.

I am in busy times right now and don’t find any time to spend on blogging. Much worse, I don’t find time to experiment in my kitchen. By now I should maybe rather speak of my kitchen lab because that’s what it became over the last 2 years. Speaking of which: I did spend a lot of time in my kitchen lab in December so that I could distribute many candy bars and caramels to friends and family.

Self-made - home-made chocolate caramel candy barsCandy bar prototypes I made shortly before Christmas. Organic, plant-based, dark caramel with peanuts in dark chocolate. With and without fleur de sel on top. It feels great to do ‘experiments’ where the results are perfectly edible.

A good time maybe to reveal part of my advantageous plans for this year and the years to come. But first I need to take one step back. I have been working as a researcher in-between physics and biology for about a decade now. As much as I enjoyed that work and as much as I am still thrilled by many of the fields’ most fundamental questions (just like: What is life? How does it work? How did it come about?), I feel that it’s time for a serious change. I want to do something more hands-on that gives me more immediate response1. At the same time I look for something that has a more political, sociological, or ecological side to it. And – believe it or not- I think that candy bars are a great starting point in this respect.
So, yes you heard right, I want to develop, design, produce, and distribute a delicious, pretty, plant-based candy bar! Delicious, because that is THE most important attribute food should hold up to. Pretty, because there is already too much bad design in the food sector. Plant-based, because plant-derived foods are still valued far too little. Shifting diets towards more plant-based ingredient lists will hopefully help to reduce the excessive amounts of animal and animal-based products consumed on a daily basis by a growing number of societies world-wide.

I hope to find enough time to test and finalize my product in the coming months. Ideally I’d like to get more serious with my candy bar experiments by mid-/end- of this year. I’ll keep you posted of how it goes on my way from fundamental research into the world of candy making…

Self-made - home-made chocolate caramel candy barsMainly to share with friends and family I made a lot of candy bars in December following a recipe that I developed over the last year or two. I feel like I am finally getting close to launching my first candy bar for real!

  1. As a researcher you get used to very long project cycles. Usually you only get some ‘results’ after spending few years of work. And only then you might get some -still fairly modest- slap on the back from your peers… []

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  1. wattwurmnashi | commented on 31. July 2015 , 17:40

    PEANUTS! There are no peanut sweets in this country. I SO miss peanut sweets!

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