Chocolate beyond the basics II

To the technical stuff. What did we do/learn in the course?
I told you that I recently enjoyed a ‘Beyond the basics” course at the chocolate academy in Wieze, Belgium. Here are some more details and pictures for those of you interested in what we technically did in the course.

Chocolate Academy course 'Chocolate beyond the basics' in Belgium
Precoating different ganache fillings made at the Chocolate Academy course ‘Chocolate beyond the basics’

The course was intensively focusing on making different ganache fillings, both slabbed ganache for later enrobing and piped ganache using molds. In total we prepared more than 15 different chocolates of different flavors ranging from Apricot-Caramel to Indian Curry. All those different chocolates also gave plenty of opportunities to learn different decoration techniques such as airbrushing or sprinkling colored cocoa butter into molds and transfer sheets1.

Chocolate Academy course 'Chocolate beyond the basics' in Belgium
Preparing slabbed ganache fillings in a metal frame (left). Cutting the fillings the next day using a guitar cutter (middle) and finally enrobe them with chocolate with the -great- help of an enrobing belt (right).

The training center at Callebaut was well equipped2 with several large stone tables and all necessary equipment such as mixers, heating plates, molds etc. for the participants. Further they had tempering machines for dark, milk and white chocolate, guitar cutters, and enrobing belts3 . All of those machines were used extensively and in a hands-on manner, which was really nice since I was interested in getting some experience working with those things.

Chocolate Academy course 'Chocolate beyond the basics' in Belgium
Goodbye dear chocolates… see you after the curtain…

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  1. That was indeed great to learn all those decoration techniques. Admittely it can also result in pralines that look like red sprayed golf balls (see figure in my first post on this course). []
  2. Maybe with the mediocre spraying gun as only exception… But otherwise the stuff (and the staff!) was very good. Tempering machines (Selmi, Chocolate World, and Prefamac), enrobers (Selmi and Chocolate World), guitar cutters, food processors (Robot Coupe), planetary mixers (Kitchenaid), … []
  3. Another side remark. The current training center will soon move to another new building closeby (end of 2014?), but I strongly suspect it will be equally well equiped… []

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