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The chocolates form “Chocolate Naïve” are quite particular in many respects. There is their beautiful and uncommon packaging as well as chocolate bar design itself1. It further comes from a place in Lithuania I have never heard of: Giedraičiai. That’s by the way a small town about 40km from Vilnius, but maybe you guys all knew that already? Whatever, the place at least has one gigantic chocolate maker.

Intense milk chocolate from
Intense milk chocolate from “Chocolate Naive” comes in a pretty design

I spend some time looking for very intense milk chocolates and the 53% milk chocolate from Naïve turns out to be my current favorite in this respect2. The first surprise, however, is actually the texture which is slightly grainy instead of smooth and creamy as most milk chocolates. Typically I am not a big fan of grainy chocolate textures (which I already stated when writing about Taza and Mast Brothers). Well, for the Naïve milk chocolate I actually do like the texture! It is by far less grainy than the rustic Taza chocolates and it feels like the cocoa solids are just made small enough to still remain perceivable3. So it remains quite elegant in a way.
Apart from the texture the chocolate itself is composed of Criollo and Forastero beans from Java and Papua New Guinea. That’s an interesting mixture. The Criollo indeed makes up for a light color of the bar as expected for a milk chocolate, although it contains 53% cocoa. And (I guess due to the Papua New Guinea Forastero) the chocolate has very nice smoky notes which are further enhanced by the addition of sea salt, quite good… The high milk content in the end makes it very creamy, I was even reminded of rich cream-cheese like flavors.
Let’s stop here. I am sitting here with the leftovers of that milk chocolate, so I have to finish writing to continue eating. Oh, just this at the end: Chocolate Naïve has several other, similarly pretty designed chocolates and some very entertaining and unexpected videos. Unexpected but good, just like their chocolate.

Intense milk chocolate from
…and the chocolate bar itself looks just as nice.

  1. Hence another addition to my collection of beautiful chocolate packaging. []
  2. That’s of course not a very quantitative statement, but I will anyway stay rather subjective with my kind of reviewing (see also what I wrote on that issue before). []
  3. Sorry, Taza people for mentioning your chocolates so often in a context that might seem like bashing. That’s not intended. It’s just that I don’t know any other well-establishes chocolate that is that grainy. And you might have noted in my Taza-post that I am well aware that others love this texture… []

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