Enjoy chocolate season: Van Soest

Feels like I am soooo slow when it comes to blogging. No way that I can keep up with my fast growing (imaginary) list of things I wanted to write about. Thus: random picking!
I still haven’t finished my list of Amsterdam chocolate places, so let me introduce another one that was missing: chocolatier Van Soest!

Van Soest - Amsterdam chocolatier in the Utrechtsestraat.Van Soest – Amsterdam chocolatier in the Utrechtsestraat.

Sitting in Utrechtsestraat (no. 143) is certainly not a bad spot for high quality food products as it is full of rather nice boutiques, shops, and eating places. And Van Soest clearly doesn’t disappoint the street’s expectations. It is a nice small chocolatier with a open manufacturing part in the back and the tiny shop in the front.
The selection is more on the classic side. The focus is hence not so much on fancy designs or challenging flavor composition, but rather on time-proven ganache filled bonbons. All well-made and with a good eye for the detail. My favorite so far is clearly the pear ganache, which is done using very dark chocolate. Great! Nicely contrasts the sweetness of the pear and makes it a very basic yet tempting and interesting flavor combination.
So, if you like classic and basic flavor combinations you really can’t go wrong with the Van Soest chocolates.

Nice little chocolate shop and manufacturing place
Nice little chocolate shop and manufacturing place in Amsterdam’s Utrechtsestraat.

Nice little chocolate shop and manufacturing place
Some of their many chocolates.

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