Final look at recipes

Two weeks full of rush, chaos, excitement have passed since the start of the KÄNDI crowdfunding campaign. Now things look good: Today the campaign reached 90% of our first goal! And the recipes for our first three candy bars are nearly ready to go.

Final close look at our KÄNDI Kranschberry bar.Final close look at our KÄNDI Kranschberry bar.

So, at first: thanks so much for the many people that already supported our crowdfunding campaign.
Being entirely new to the entrepreneurial world and still jumping back and forth between the new KÄNDI job and final tasks from my academic research this support means much more to me than just the financial aspect. It really gives me more confidence in what I am currently doing and will greatly help me to get my KÄNDI-lab started!

The last weeks I was finishing the recipes for the three first candy bars. And the final designs for their packaging. Then I also had to spend more time than expected to look for the right ingredients and suppliers. For the first production I decided to work with a dark chocolate from Hoja Verde that is entirely made in Ecuador. This is in general a fairly new and interesting trend I noticed during many of the last Amsterdam chocolate events: premium chocolate that is made in the countries of origin. It is far more common that the dried beans are exported to other countries where the magical transformation into first-class chocolate takes place. The nice thing about having the production in the country of origin is that more money stays in the producing countries.
In addition to finally choosing a chocolate to use for the candy bar coating1, I now found organic suppliers for most ingredients that I use, such as cashews, peanuts, sugar, coconut, frozen strawberries.
Together with the great success of the crowdfunding campaign (which promises to deliver first rewards before Christmas) this means one thing: PRODUCTION TIME!!

Kändi Kitchen lab is now operational
The candy bars at KÄNDI are handmade, with a lot of care. But not as much as this picture maybe suggests. Well, with a scientist making candy you never know…

  1. I tested many many different chocolates. Luckily there are a lot of good ones available… but this makes chosing a difficult task. By the way: for some fillings and other products I will work with a lot of different couvertures. Including some from my neighboring chocolate maker: the chocolatemakers! []

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