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Since I founded KÄNDI last summer it really seems like I accidentally pushed the ‘time acceleration’ button. Weeks, months, even entire seasons seem to fly by and I have trouble catching up! Now: Lesson #71 that I learned as a fresh candy-entrepreneur: Follow the seasons. Ahead of time.

Developing a new seasonal candy bar: Bunny bar for EasterDeveloping a new seasonal candy bar… in the top-secret KändiLab.

Lesson #71: Follow the seasons. Ahead of time.
Well, that last bit was new to me. Christmas usually was that thing that suddenly appeared in mid-December and led to increased (online) shopping a week before. Valentine’s day? Never liked it much. Hardly noticed it in the past. Only occasionally I remembered that this day even exists whenever I ran into hordes of people (mostly men) with over-sized flower bouquets in their arms. Oh yes, and Eastern. Well, my interest had drastically dropped over the last years. At last I had noticed that cheap, bad chocolate doesn’t get better if it’s suddenly sold in an egg shape…1
However, it now appears that as an candy entrepreneur I have to start thinking differently. Market and customers and money you know. Still no clue how real business talk goes, but what I did learn is that if I want to sell seasonal products, I should (surprise surprise!) develop and make them well ahead of time. Valentines nearly passed without me noticing. But now I am at least one step closer to seasonal thinking. I developed a new candy bar especially for Easter. Late, but at least ready before the actual date.
I took a while, because I first had to do further experiments with making vegan white almond ‘chocolate’(which is another -longer- story). And finally I am also very happy with the result. The new candy bar is made from a white almond cream with cereals -puffed rice and quinoa- on a passion fruit pâte de fruit coated with delicious premium dark chocolate. Voilà: the bunny bar.

Check out our KÄNDI website or the KÄNDI SHOP for more information or to get some bunny bars. Hopefully in time :)

Developing a new seasonal candy bar: vegan Bunny bar for Easter

Developing a new seasonal vegan candy bar: Bunny bar for Easter
The new delicious, vegan candy bar as an Easter special: the bunny bar.

  1. I of course did like Eastern as a kid, but that were the times of notorious lack of sweets. []

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