Kallari Ginger & Andean Salt

Today I tried the “71% Cacao with Ginger & Andean Salt” chocolate from Kallari, a Ecuadorian chocolate maker with a good story. Actually it is one of the very few chocolate makers that produces in the region where the beans grow1
Medium Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Andean Salt from Kallari
Very pleasant ginger taste that teams up very well with the chocolate. The ginger flavor is intense but not harsh or hot, and it stays around for quite a while. Good, interesting chocolate.
However, the chocolate flavor itself is too mild in my opinion (too much cocoa butter?). As it is, the chocolate in this bar is only the support that transports the ginger. A stronger chocolate and a little more salt would probably be better to balance the dominant ginger taste.

  1. Other examples I can now think of are Grenada or Madécasse. Both also produce great high quality chocolates. Producing the actual chocolate in the same region where the cocoa growth typically results in a higher fraction of the sales remaining in these regions. []

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