KÄNDI crowdfunding!

The KÄNDI crowdfunding campaign has begun! The next 3.5 weeks we will try to get enough funds to go from our first test phase to a more serious candy bar and caramel production (but still small-scale). You can support us and will be rewarded with first handmade premium candy bars and caramels –> KÄNDI crowdfunding page

Join 'Bill Gates'Join “Bill Gates” in supporting our crowdfunding campaign for KÄNDI!

I was very glad when I saw that one of our first 10 funders was “Bill Gates”1 , I knew he would love our new, delicious vegan candy bars. Well, and he kind of owed me a favor since I have been using Microsoft products for decades. Still, he’s a busy man, so I’m happy that he could make it. If you’re fast in joining as a KÄNDI-funder, you will can still be faster then Melinda (so far she didn’t answer the phone)2.
Another good -or even better reason- to support KÄNDI is that you can get delicious first candy bars and caramels. Or, if you’re in Amsterdam for time to time, you can also get exclusive caramel and chocolate tastings. Or I could give a scientific sound lecture on a topic around Science & Candy. Including samples to taste of course…
KÄNDI crowdfunding at oneplanetcrowd (English)
KÄNDI crowdfunding at oneplanetcrowd (German)
KÄNDI crowdfunding at oneplanetcrowd (Dutch)

I’ll keep you posted.

  1. You don’t believe me? Check out the current list of funders. Well, if that’s not evidence enough…. []
  2. Well the funders were coming faster than I thought. Now, Bugs Bunny did join as well! Thanks old chap. []

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