Madame Pompadour – the old lady

After the highly popular ‘Puccini Bomboni’, and the well-known ‘Unlimited Delicious’, today a brief travel back in time: Madame Pompadour.

Madame Pompadour - Amsterdam chocolatier and patisserie
Grandma style chocolates and cakes at Madame Pompadour

Existing since half a century (although the owner has changed some years ago) Madame Pompadour might have the longest tradition of all current chocolatiers in Amsterdam. Located in a very pretty and well-frequented area of the city, the nine streets1, Madame Pompadour impresses with an old fashioned café interior. Accordingly, their mission and concept is fairly different when compared to the ‘younger’ chocolatiers like Metropolitan, Puccini or Unlimited Delicious. They serve cakes and tarts, coffee and tea, and chocolates. The bonbons are all made one floor up using Valrhona chocolate, and are well made. Little surprising though, the bonbons are all on the classic (and most often on the sweet) side of the chocolate spectrum.
If you want to have a delicious piece of cake with a tea or coffee that feels like a travel back in time2 the place is worth a visit. The chocolates aren’t bad, but you can clearly find more interesting stuff in Amsterdam3.

  1. More precisely Huidenstraat 12. They also have a ‘Lunchroom’ in Kerkstraat, but this misses the classy old fashioned atmosphere. []
  2. Or a travel ahead in age if you haven’t reached your 60s yet… no offense. []
  3. For now –just to name some: Metropolitan, Van Velze, Unlimited Delicious, Puccini Bomboni. All of them have more original bonbons and designs, and the first three of them also make somewhat finer chocolates. []

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