Not fancy. Not bad! Holtkamp.

The patisserie Holtkamp is another well-established Amsterdam location. In particular their pastries and –very Dutch- their “croquetten” can be found in many cafés and restaurants in Amsterdam, but also their handmade chocolates enjoy great popularity.

Patisserie Holtkamp in AmsterdamPatisserie Holtkamp in Amsterdam

My last post on an Amsterdam spot was about Patisserie Kuyt, so it somehow felt weird to continue with another pastry shop. Maybe I should make another round through Amsterdam looking for its pastry places… Anyway. Now it’s again going to be about chocolates1.
Patisserie Holtkamp welcomes you in a small, pleasant shop in Vijzelstraat that meanwhile served as a pastry shop for nearly 130 years (run by Holtkamp since about 45 years2 ).

In terms of their pastry and chocolate designs and presentation Holtkamp is following a different conception than Patisserie Kuyt (or Unlimited Delicious) and clearly is a little less sophisticated. You could also say that they clearly don’t pretend to be fancy, their decorations are quite a mixed bag and (some simple and traditional, some a little on the uglier side … such as the hearts on the left of the picture with the chocolates). Anyway. Design is one thing, but it’s clearly still the taste that matters most here and that was a very positive surprise for me. The chocolates are really well-made, no unusual flavor combinations, but quite tasty. The chocolate coating is of good quality and very thin so that it turns out to be a surprisingly fine eating experience3. Thus, if you don’t want to impress people but are looking for very decent chocolates of classic flavor combinations, Holtkamp is a fairly good option.

Traditional, good, non-fancy chocolates Traditional, good, non-fancy chocolates.

Holtkamp pastries Holtkamp pastries.

  1. Similar to Patisserie Kuyt the main focus actually lies on tarts, cakes, cookies and I have no doubts that you’ll find some delicious pastries there. []
  2. If you want to know more on their history, just check their informative website or a movie about Holtkamp []
  3. I liked the very classic and fine “Rum-ganache” and the “Bitterkoekjes”. []

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