Last week we reached our first crowdfunding goal and I am curious how far we can go till the campaign ends this weekend (so now a last good chance to order some delicious Christmas treats from KÄNDI). With our first goal reached, it is now at least entirely sure that I will be very busy producing candy bars before Christmas!

Finally: the 'real' production begins... here some mangoKOKOS candy bars.Finally: the ‘real’ production begins… here some mangoKOKOS candy bars.

Actually, I already promised “PRODUCTION TIME” in my last post, but well… never underestimate the amount of lessons you have to learn before reaching an envisioned goal. The recipes seemed to be done, but when scaling up the daily throughput some steps seemed to be unfeasible, some equipment suddenly looked far too tiny, and also cooking times/apparent color/etc of a big pot of caramel are/look different when everything is 5 times bigger.
OK, this lesson learned I now am confident that the ‘real’ production can finally begin… And yes! I am really looking forward to get a lot of extra practice until Christmas!

Finally the real candy production has started!
Finally the real candy production has started!

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