Palatable vegan milk chocolate!

Facing the limit of growth and the threat of climate change, the term ‘sustainability’ has seen a rapidly rise in usage in recent years. The food sector is responsible for about one fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions1. Out of those food-related greenhouse gas emissions, 20% stems from cow’s milk production2. It hence makes total sense to think about how to create good milk-free alternatives, and this not only for those with allergies or the like.

Vivani rice milk chocolate with 40% cocoa - first palatable vegan milk chocolate I had so far. Vivani rice milk chocolate with 40% cocoa – first palatable vegan milk chocolate I had so far.

Always hoping that some would come up with a tasty alternative to good milk chocolate, I already tried some ‘milk substitute chocolates’… and all tasted indeed like ‘substitute’. This means they tasted to me like I would only want to eat them if I couldn’t eat real milk chocolate AND if I couldn’t live without eating milk chocolate (both not true for me). The last one was one of those awfully designed ‘Bonvita’ rice milk chocolates. I had one piece… then another to give it a second chance… and then the bar went straight into the trash bin.
Recently I found that Viviani also started making rice milk chocolate. Viviani is a respectable chocolate company that also makes some very fine chocolates. And yes! This time the surprise was a very positive one! Their ‘Rice Choc‘ cannot compare to the complexity of some of the best high-end chocolates3, but it tastes like a quite pleasant milk chocolate. Some of the tartness that high quality milk chocolates with a high portion of milk powder can have is missing. And one you know it is a rice milk chocolate a different kind of sweetness becomes noticeable. Nevertheless, this is definitely the first ‘milk substitute chocolate’ that I will finish voluntarily.

Oh… by the way… if you know about any other good (as in ‘good tasting’) vegan milk chocolate, please let me know. I’d be happy to give them a try!

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  3. Such as some milk chocolates I mentioned earlier. []

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