Pretty pastry- Patisserie Kuyt

When entering this place it’s hard to focus on chocolates, bonbons, candy only, because there is this huge amount of glamorous cakes and tarts in all colors and sizes. But even if you do focus on the chocolates only, it’s clearly worth a visit.

Pretty tarts and chocolates at Patisserie Kuyt in Amsterdam
Pretty pastry (and chocolates) at Patisserie Kuyt in Amsterdam

When entering ‘Patisserie Kuyt’ the first time, it comes as a big surprise how many delicious looking things you can stuff in a shop that narrow (actually that’s a very typical Amsterdam experience I find). It’s good that they ask for appropriately high prices, otherwise you would have a hard time leaving without buying some cakes, a box of small tarts, some cookies, and two handful of chocolates. Even if you only came to test their chocolates like I did. Well… I of course had to buy some pastry, too.

Cakes, Pies, Cookies,.... Cakes, Pies, Cookies,….

Especially when it comes to pastry, Patisserie Kuyt is certainly no well-kept secret but a quite famous Amsterdam location. They have been around for a very long time1 and some years ago they also got the elected to be the best pastry shop of the Netherlands. If you are looking for fancy pastry stuff, it probably is an obvious place to check out. The selection of cakes, pies, tarts, cookies is very impressive so that it was little surprising to me that it seems fairly frequented by many Amsterdamers. Apparently, the only reason why they didn’t expand to break out of the restriction coming from the typical narrow Amsterdam ground plan was that they got trapped for the last 8 years in a bureaucratic fight to be able to connect with the neighboring flat via an extra door2.

Tarts (at least that’s what I expect to find below the decoration). Tarts (at least that’s what I expect to find below the decoration).

But OK. Distractions aside. Let’s come to the chocolates.
The first time I proved the chocolates was at the chocolate shop Vanroselen which is selling the same chocolates. The chocolates selection is quite big and includes both molded and enrobed bonbons. In flavor and design, the chocolates are rather traditional and they are impeccable in flavor and appearance. Their small size clearly adds to their finesse and generally makes it a pleasure to eat them. Patisserie Kuyt is not a place to look for revolutionary new flavor combinations or textures, but all flavor combinations I tried worked very well. More importantly, they really are packed with flavor, a good sign that they know what they are doing3 And it makes it hard to stop after one. Or two4

Small, fine chocolates worth trying out. One part of their selection of small, fine chocolates worth trying.

  1. I don’t even know since when… let me know if you know. Thanks. []
  2. Already in 2006 they wanted to add extra space and a small tearoom to serve coffee and tea next doors, but couldn’t do so due to issues with the legal restrictions from the zoning map (see Parool article in Dutch). []
  3. I am also mentioning this because I sometimes have the impression that chocolates are made with a too shy addition of flavoring components. I for example had that impression for some bonbons from “unlimited delicious“. []
  4. Try the “Rolo” with its great fluid caramel filling, the “Sinaas ganache”, or the “Magdalena” with a tasty fig-based filling. Or the “Sereh” with a dark lemon grass ganache… or… []

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