Superfood fights Suprafood

Last Sunday I went again to the Sunday Market in Amsterdam. That’s a real nice place for decent food and all kind of handcrafted bric-a-brac. It was cold, it was raining, this kind of ugly dark November weather that gives you the feeling that you’re about to get sick… but NO! No panic! Fear not! You’re saved. Saved by something that comes in form of an fantasy priced 30ml, bright green or orange liquid: SUPERFOOD!
Junkfood versus Superfood, French fries fight against blueberry raw-man

Well, I love comic books. I even tend to like some trashy super heroes from time to time. That can be real fun and is a great travel back to childhood. Things are easy again. Bad guys, good guys, good and evil, light and darkness. And if you struggle, don’t worry, a fantastic super hero is coming to fight the evil and rescue you.
Unfortunately, the more you learn about the world, the more complex things get. Super evil persons can go home and be nice and loving with their lovely own kids. And then the good guys, that tell you they are about to save the world, hide millions of donation money on their swiss bank account.
But wait! That’s people, that’s society, that’s politics, no wonder that this is complicated. Food at least should be easy, right? Good food, bad food, that’s it. And there is even superfood. It is made to protect you if evil food industry attacks you with their superevil junk1. Yeah yeah, that is this nasty ‘over-processed’, ‘unnatural’2 industry food, or worse it can even contain chemical ingredients (Ugh! Chemicals! No one wants to eat chemicals, right?) !
If you now feel bad when eating your next portion of approved tasty junk food3, just sprinkle it with a tiny amount of real powerful superfood4. Or if you are not fortunate enough be able to pay the prices asked for the most mysterious superfoods, don’t worry, an apple a day is not only cheaper, it is also better.
And you know what’s real crazy? It even tastes good5!

  1. Such as superevil ‘Mr. Deep Fried’, than will certainly be beaten by the unbelievable, fabulous ‘Raw-man’, shown in the above illustration by Image material was taken from []
  2. To my experience, in 99% of the cases the term ‘natural’ is used when talking about food, it doesn’t make the slightest sense. So I will probably come back to that in another kitchen philosophy post (be warned?!?). []
  3. Dear candy lover, is this blog then only focusing on the evil sweets? Don’t worry, superfood has a solution for everything. Chocolate simply is a superfood, too! However, there are conflicting ‘expert’-opinions on the web on whether this is only true for raw chocolate, or also for all dark chocolate. Who knows, it might also hold true for chocolate from enchanted trees only. []
  4. In superfood language, a food typically is getting more powerful the less common its name is and the more expensive it can be sold. Goji berries were one of the really powerful early superfood-heroes. Now Spirulina is a new super-power never-heard-of food savior. And don’t worry, there are certainly more to come… []
  5. I know my dear superfoodian, you don’t eat Spirulina powder for its culinary delight. Mhhh, I don’know, maybe you should listen more to your palate… []

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