Sweets and no Christmas

Christmas is over. Normally this means the end of an intense time full of homemade cookies, presents, family meals and visits, ugly window decorations, and horrible music in the supermarket. This time this also means that I survived the christmas+crowdfunding chocolate production madness!1

New production beyond the christmas+crowdfunding madnessNew production beyond the christmas+crowdfunding madness… and no more hand-dipping (YES YES YES!).

The last month(s) have been super busy as a newbie in the candy making business I had a very intensive time and learned a lot of great lessons. Well, naturally I also had to learn some more painful lessons as well. For instance that my planning still sucks. But I’m getting better. Currently “I’ll get this done in a day” becomes “It will pretty sure be done within -around- 2 days” when translated to reality. A month ago I rather had to replace the word “day” by “week” to account for my overly optimistic planning. So, I kind of feel like a pro already. And the three candy bar recipes finally work pretty much the way I wanted them to work, which means I can now really produce candy bars. Last week I made new batches of the KRANSCHBERRY bar (raspberry caramel + nut/chocolate filling with rice krispies and dried raspberries in delicious dark chocolate made in Ecuador), and piNATZ (roasted, salted peanuts in a dark cashew caramel with a premium dark chocolate coating and a hint of sea salt).
And thanks to the successful crowdfunding campaign in December I now very much enjoy working with a tempering machine with enrober belt. This means I no longer have to hand-temper each batch of chocolate and I also no longer have to hand-dip every single candy bar… what a relief…
Hey but wait! Don’t get me wrong… it’s not like I am now just pressing a few buttons and then the candy bars come out. It’s still mostly manual work. A lot of manual work actually. And a lot of fun :)

New production beyond the christmas+crowdfunding madness!

New production beyond the christmas+crowdfunding madness!
New piNATZ candy bars in the making…

  1. And YES! the crowdfunding was a big succes as I wrote earlier []

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