Unlimited Delicious (or are there limits?)

After a big bite at Puccini, here’s another long term classic among Amsterdam chocolatiers: Unlimited delicious. In addition to making bonbons, they are quite well-known for their patisserie, which is not what I will write about right now (only so much: it always looks very pretty and tempting!).

Unlimited Delicious - Amsterdam Chocolatier
Pretty cakes and bonbons at Unlimited Delicious in Amsterdam

The bonbon at unlimited delicious are all hand-made and are all cut and spouted into various shapes (so not made with molds). They might look less original then the Puccini ones, but I find that they are nice and small, which makes them better to eat than the Puccini monster bonbons.
I tasted quite a lot of their bonbons by now and find that they generally have a nice thin and good-quality chocolate shell, in most cases together with silky textured ganache fillings. So technically they are flawless and very professional. Their bonbons tend to be tasty and creamy, nothing to complain about that.
Ha! But I like complaining, maybe you figured that out already? Many chocolatiers make good, high-quality bonbons, so does Unlimited delicious. In my opinion many of the flavors are used too carefully, too timid. They do also have some extremely nice ones, such as Rozemarijn Zeezout (rosemary sea salt) which is indeed both delicious and special. Several others, however, are less exciting. I get the impression that there should be a little more creative experimentation, since most of their bonbons still seem to date back to the time when Kees Raat worked there. It’s already quite some time ago that he actually published many of his recipes in his book “BonBon”1.

Anyway, if you walk along Haarlemmerstraat, I would definitely give it a try.

  1. This book is in dutch and appears to be sold out at the moment. The book itself could be more explicit and detailed, but it is a very nice collection of great bonbon recipes! []

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